Stonyhurst Foundation

The Stonyhurst Foundation Donors’ Charter

We Will:
  1. Use your gift carefully and responsibly.
  2. Ensure that gifts will be used only for the purpose for which they were given.
  3. Keep you informed of the Foundation’s Trustees and ensure that they exercise appropriate judgment in running the charity.
  4. Give you access to the Foundation’s most recent financial accounts.
  5. Ensure that your personal details and donations are kept secure and are handled with respect and confidentiality.
  6. Promptly acknowledge your support.
  7. Offer, with your consent, appropriate acknowledgement, recognition and publicity for your support.
  8. Acknowledge any queries promptly.
Our Trustees

All of the Stonyhurst Foundation’s Trustees are pledged donors to the Foundation.

Policies & Procedures

If you require a copy of the Stonyhurst Foundation Policies on Donations or Investment please contact the Stonyhurst Foundation Manager at

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